Want to explore your unique spiritual path?

Different from the two other programs this one is open ended. Right from the first session we meet each other in the moment and explore where it is you wish to go with your time together. I share whatever it is I believe can assist you on your spiritual path. 



You have two options to choose from and two payment plans.

3 Week Program
60 mins per week

R 1799

pay R600 for the first sessions
and if you decide to continue

pay the rest when all the sessions

are done.


if paid in full

6 Week Program
60 mins per week

R 3599

pay R1600 deposit

for the first three sessions

and the rest once all the sessions

are done.

R 3300
if paid in full

Comes with a BONUS booklet
that the client can work through
over a period of 30 days that will improve their stress, anxiety and depression resilience.

*alternative arrangements can be made in extraordinary circumstances. Please enquire.


Roux Malan puts great value on his intellectual property interests. Please note that the videos, workbooks, outlines, coaching programs and exercises and other materials provided with this proposal is Roux Malan’s copyrighted property.


Make an appointment for the first session please and deposit either R600 or R1600 depending upon whether you take the 3 week or 6 week option.


First National Bank

Account: JR Malan

Account Number: 62476326379

Branch Code: 250 655

Arrangement for the payment of the rest of the fees will be made

towards the end of the first session. If you have specific questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to work with you as a couple and exploring the potential of your relationship together.

Kindest regards,

Roux Malan MTh & Certified Life Coach

email: rouxmalan@gmail.com

webpage: rouxmalan.com