Three or Six Session Goal-Achievement & Life Purpose Coaching & Counselling Program

The following is an explanation of the foundation, process, expectations, and benefits of this program. I have coached and counselled scores of clients over the years and through my Life Coaching Certification and Master Coach University in San Diego (US) I developed a very good understanding of the key elements to develop clear goals and keep clients accountable to themselves for taking action on them. This program assists clients to better understand the process of setting attainable goals that stretch you and to create the physiology and mindset to reach them.


In this program I assist clients to:

+ the set clear and attainable goals for the next 6 – 12 months;

+ create the right physiology and mindset to attain them;

+ be weekly accountable to actions that you committed to;

+ explore a purpose that resonate with your life;

NB – please note that we will not necessarily reach all these objectives in the 3 – 6 session together. I tailor the program according to each individual’s need and wishes.


In partnership with me, the client will utilize the following process to achieve the program objectives set out above. Each session lasts for one hour.


+ Create an inspiring goal to follow using a unique goal creating system

+ Uncover limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviour

+ Discover solutions


+ Learn how to become confident that you CAN achieve your goal with “chunking”.


+ Learn about beliefs and how they affect everything you do.

+ Uncover your limiting beliefs and learn where they came from.


+ Learn how to create new beliefs that will transform your life


+ Discover your values (what is really important to you).

+ Identify value conflicts that maybe holding you back

+ Start resolving those conflicts


+ Identify the Rules that support your values

+ Realize how some of your rules are keeping your from realizing your dreams and goals

+ Discover how you sometimes make it impossible to feel good about yourself

+ Start changing your rules

NB – note that the full program has a total of thirteen sessions. At the end of session six we will explore together whether you would like to do the other sessions too.

The GOAL-ACHIEVEMENT AND LIFE-PURPOSE PROGRAM typically includes weekly sessions of one hour over a period of either three or six weeks.


The key focus of this program is to help clients reach very specific goals that they have decided upon themselves within the next 6 – 12 months. It also will help them make a great start towards those goals in the period that they are been coached. This happens through committing to specific actions at the end of each session and giving account at the beginning of the next session. During the coaching program specific skills that are based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) will be taught.


Clients report:

+ becoming more confident to overcome any curve ball that life can throw them;

+ new ability to set and reach specific goals or action-steps;

+ new found confidence in themselves and their ability to meet life’s demands;

+ new understanding of the way they can use the bodies and minds to get into the right state to reach their goals.


served as a religious minister for the past twenty years. In this capacity he has counselled with many clients over the years. He attained a Master’s Degree in Clinical Counselling from the University of Stellenbosch. He is also a Certified Life Coach with New Insights Africa and Master Coach University which he attained in San Deigo (USA). He is passionate about unleashing the true potential that often lies dormant in many of us as well as in our most cherished relationships. He is a skilful listener and have an intuitive ability to know what is needed to unleash the potential of his clients and the couples he coach.


You have two options to choose from and two payment plans.

3 Week Program
60 mins per week

R 1799

pay R600 for the first sessions
and if you decide to continue

pay the rest when all the sessions

are done.


if paid in full

6 Week Program
60 mins per week

R 3599

pay R1600 deposit

for the first three sessions

and the rest once all the sessions

are done.

R 3300
if paid in full

Comes with a BONUS booklet
that the client can work through
over a period of 30 days that will improve their stress, anxiety and depression resilience.

*alternative arrangements can be made in extraordinary circumstances. Please enquire.


Roux Malan puts great value on his intellectual property interests. Please note that the videos, workbooks, outlines, coaching programs and exercises and other materials provided with this proposal is Roux Malan’s copyrighted property.


Make an appointment for the first session please and deposit either R600 or R1600 depending upon whether you take the 3 week or 6 week option.


First National Bank

Account: JR Malan

Account Number: 62476326379

Branch Code: 250 655

Arrangement for the payment of the rest of the fees will be made

towards the end of the first session. If you have specific questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to work with you as a client and help you set inspiring goals and celebrate with you when you reach them.

Kindest regards,

Roux Malan MTh & Certified Life Coach