The Seven Day Mental Diet

We often hear off people going on a diet in order to loose weight.

The Seven Day Mental Diet proposes a totally different kind of diet – a mental diet.

Our thoughts influence our lives in profound ways and with them we can create either heaven or hell on earth for ourselves.

The Seven Day Mental Diet help  you to become very aware of your thoughts in a new way.




Written in 1935 by Emmet Fox “The Seven Day Mental Diet” was hailed by the world-famous life coach Anthony Robbins as one of the books that had a profound impact on his life.


In this “Revised” Version you will find both the original text which:

(1) argues for the importance of taking on the challenge of a Seven Day Mental Diet;

(2) explains in detail how to take a Mental Diet.



(3) Full illustrations by Roux Malan that help you grasp the essence of The Seven Day Mental Diet instantly.

(4) A visual summary of The Seven Day Mental Diet.

(5) A  handy summary of the rules of The Seven Day Mental Diet to remind you what to do during your Mental Diet.


(6) First Bonus: Nine Tips To Relieve Stress & Anxiety Naturally

(7) Second Bonus: Eight Great Life-Saving Questions


This little book can change my life and the life of Tony Robbins. It can change yours too!