Tailor-Made Weddings

I am a Marriage Officer since 1994 and I am able to assist couples to create a wedding ceremony that draws upon any tradition (whether ancient or contemporary, religious or secular) and that is either formal or informal. As a Unitarian minister I am open to the diverse ways through which people create meaning for themselves whether it be through a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu or Scientific-Secular perceptive.

Our focus in planning a wedding ceremony is on the particular needs of the couple. During the wedding ceremony planning session we will discuss the following:

+ what a wedding means and expresses for you as a couple;

+ the structure the wedding ceremony (language, readings, music, vows). Do not be if you are not clear about this because I will guide you through the process. The content can come from any religious tradition or  from non-religious sources whichever you prefer;

+ administrative details and documents needed to register the marriage.

Rest assured that we tailor your wedding ceremony to your specific needs.

Please note that I ONLY assist couples who BOTH have a South African ID’s mainly because of difficulties I experienced in getting marriages registered in the past where one person didn’t have a SA ID.