Regular Session: 60 Minute

Dear Client,

If you have already had your Intake Session as well as your First Contract Session you can make use of one of the links below to book your next Regular Session as part of your contract. Please be sure to choose the CORRECT location below where you wish to have this session. My availability for each location is DIFFERENT, hence the importance of choosing the correct location. Please click on the location of your choice and you will be taken to a website where you can book your session.


Costa Da Gama, Muizenberg I am four days in Muizenberg. Click on Costa Da Gama link to see the days I am available.
Willowbridge, Tyger Valley, Belville I am one day at Willowbridge each week (10h00 – 15h00). Click Willowbridge link to see which day I am available for a specific week.
Non-Local via Skype As per the booking system