13 Weeks Breakthrough Program based on New Insights

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Here is what to expect in the 13 Life Coaching Sessions in our 13 Week Breakthrough Program:

Session 1 – set specific & clear goals that energizes and inspires you and peep into what is currently in your way (beliefs & behaviors) to achieve them.

Session 2 – look at the steps along the past of getting to your goals. We break them down in manageable & measurable chunks.

Session 3 – look into your beliefs about yourself and life an how it that affect everything you do.

Session 4 – create new beliefs for your client that will have a massive impact on ALL aspects of your life

Session 5 –  look into what you value and possible conflicting values that is holding you back.

Session 6 – look at the criteria you (unconsciously) assign to your values that makes is hard for you to feel good about yourself.

Session 7 – discover your highest needs and learn strategies to feel good and fulfilled all the time.

Session 8 – look into the mirror of your projected communication to discover something truly amazing!

Session 9 – shift from blame and justification to fully empowered response-ability.

Session 10 – discover the power of a balanced mind.

Session 11 – set some more powerful goals that can become a blueprint for your life.

Session 12 – get in touch with your life’s purpose


This is a 6 month, 13 session (75 minutes per session) course personally tailored towards ensuring your success.
The total investment is R9900.00.
A deposit of R3900.00 is required upfront for the course material and R1200.00 per month for the remainder 5 months.

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