New Clinical Pastoral Practice – Online and in Cape Town (Muizenberg)

I am happy to announce the recent opening of my Clinical Pastoral and Coaching Practice both online and in Muizenberg. I recently registered as Clinical Pastoral Therapist with the South African Association of Pastoral Workers (SAAP). This was possible due to the fact that I attained a Masters Degree in Clinical Pastoral Care at Stellenbosch University many years ago. I then served as a minister first with the Dutch Reformed Church for ten years and for the past eight years with the Unitarian Church Cape Town. I am received certification as a Life Coach with Master Coach University after completing my final training in San Deigo (USA) in 2015. To learn more about me please click here.

I serve my clients in both Afrikaans and English and will be specializing in the following areas:

  • Stress, Anxiety and Depression – a body, mood, mind and spirit solution;
  • Life Balance Assessment & Action Plan – assessing the body, mood, mind and spirit balance in your life and creating a concrete action plan to restore balance, happiness and peace.
  • Life Transition Decisions – reflecting on change as a moment of great potential and guiding you through its joys and pains using spiritual insights from both East and West. Life Transition like birth, young adulthood, marriage, mid-life, rewirement or the great transition death. 

Since I wish my clients to be confident in using my services I decided to only charge R200.00 for their very first hour with me. This will give them time to get to know me and decide whether I will be a good fit to help them with their life challenge or crisis. I am sure that you will find great value in our hour together whether you decide to continue counselling and/or coaching with me or not.

To set up your first appointment with me is VERY easy. Simply CLICK HERE

If you have any questions about my services please do not hesitate to call me at  [eeb_content]+27(0)84-679-5466 [/eeb_content] or email me by clicking here.

Also see what some of my clients have to say about my services by clicking here.

We hope that my practice will prove to be a useful either to you, a loved-one or someone you know. Please do not hesitate to spread the message.