Complimentary ONLINE 60 Minute Consultation

During this 6o minute consulation you will have the opportunity:

  • to connect with me and experience my coaching style;
  • get clear on where you are now and where you wish to be
  • get clear on exactly what outcome you would like to achieve should you hire a coach

As a bonus you will walk away with three tools

(1) The “Three Most Critical Questions” will shift they way you look at goal setting. This is a totally new paradigm.

(2) The “Rewire Your Brain Framework” a scientifically-proven way to create success-habits and break self-defeating ones.

(3) The “Four Elemental Personality Test” to learn which two elemental energies comes most naturally to you. 

Towards the end of the session I will share with you the next step should you wish to work with me.

And even if you decide not too I guarantee you will leave the session feeling clear, empowered, energized and inspired.

So you have nothing to loose. 

Simply CLICK HERE to book your consultation

INSTRUCTIONS to make your booking:

(1) Choose whether you wish to do the consultation face-to-face or via video conferencing.
(2) IMPORTANT: Choose your TIME ZONE and CLICK on the blue “Set time zone” button – only then the calendar will appear – it takes a few seconds.
(3) Click on the DATE you want on the calendar
(4) Choose a TIME SLOT from the drop down that appears
(5) Click on the blue “Continue” button that appear next to the time slot you chose
(6) Complete your details and click on blue “Complete Appointment” button