Now You Can Book A BREAKTHROUGH Coaching Session
With Roux Malan (Personal Growth Coach)
Over A Cup of Coffee at Empire Cafe (without paying R800.00)
in Muizenberg (Southern Suburbs, Cape Town)


Get a “BREAKTHROUGH Coaching Session with me as my GIFT to help you figure out what the next step in your life ought to be.

I will help you…

  • To be specific on what it is you wish to achieve with the help of your coach
  • Uncover what is holding you back mentally, emotionally and physically to achieve these outcomes
  • Identify the activities that will bring some IMMEDIATE success
  • To decide whether you wish to invest your best energy to make it happen

You will also get a FREE copy of my “Rewire Your Brain Blueprint for Success”. It shares the four types of energies you can call upon to bring about change in your life.

To claim your FREE session simply click on the button below and:

  • complete the short application
  • select your time and date

We will meet at the Empire Cafe at 11 York Street, Muizenberg.  Slots for sessions are available 9am – 3pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. There is a big parking space available when you drive down York Street and turn to your right.

Thank you & hope to see you soon!

To your success!


Roux is a Personal Growth Coach Specialist Pastoral Counsellor with more than 20 year experience.

Clients who worked with his report the following results. They become:

  • become more focused and efficient at work;
  • cope better with difficult feelings, such as anger, fear and sadness;
  • develop a deeper connection with themselves, loved-ones and colleagues;
  • start to enjoy their life again and experiences greater fulfillment

His academic qualifications include a Masters Degree in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) from the University of Stellenbosch.
He also completed two Life Coaching Certifications (Master Coach University – USA & New Insights Africa – UK)


Andries J, Cape Town, South Africa
Managing Director of a Training Company

“I’ve been under traditional psychological  treatment for many years and didn’t derive much benefit from it. In contrast, Roux gave me practical skills and tools which I  use on a daily basis to not only cope with my anxiety, but to overcome my limiting thoughts and be in control of my own happiness.”

Sonia S, Colorado, USA
Manager in Airline Industry

I was referred to Roux after I recently got laid off from my permanent job. I felt devastated, undervalued and without direction. He helped me identify my fears for the future and helped me to take action steps towards overcoming them.

I see the following progress/ changes: I donʼt feel so overwhelmed anymore. A shift took place when I realized I can take charge of my future. I feel that I now have the confidence and courage to move forward.  He also helped me define my life goal/ purpose and pinned a specific time frame and date for this to be achieved. I strongly and without any hesitation recommend Roux as an excellent life coach.

Michael R, California, USA
Professional Musician

When I started coaching with Roux my life felt stuck and stagnant. Within a few sessions I started to enjoy life more and I started to make progress in my industry. Roux has a gentle way of holding up a mirror to you so that you can see what is required of you to improve your life. Since I started coaching with him my life has improved after every session. His knowledge goes beyond what you will find in traditional counselling rooms and he gives you tools to deal with the real world.

Janine B
Cabinet Services: Office of the Premier of Gauteng

“Through his calm and direct approach, Roux establishes a sense of trust and motivation. I approached him to develop more ‘fun’ in my life. I ended up being transformed and renewed.”

Gareth P
Member of Staff of Insurance Company

“When I came to Roux I was merely a shell of the man I use to be and I was in a very dark place. I remember leaving the first session already with the feeling  I remember leaving the first session and already feeling like the world had been lifted off my shoulders.”