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You will learn: 

  How To Manage Stress & Anxiety Skillfully

  How To Reach Your Goal More Consistently

  How To Develop More Satisfying Relationships

  How To Live With Deeper Fulfillment 


There Is A New Kind of Person In The World Who Wishes…


 To Connect And Express Their True Intent

 To Wire Their Brain In A Way That Supports This Intent

 To Be In Touch With Their Own Needs

 To Spend More Time in Flow Rather Than In Resistance

 To Share Their Needs With Others In A Way They Will Understand

This Kind of Person Is Willing To Put In Consistent Effort To Retain His or Her Brain.

Setting aside 10 – 20 minutes per day is one of the fastest ways to do so.


But these questions may be on your mind:

How do I rewire my brain to support my intent and goals?


How do I discover my true intentions and goals in the first place?


This year 2018, I am releasing my “Rewire Your Brain Blueprint”
which includes three modules:



How to get clear on your purpose, intent and goals.

Module #2: AWARENESS WORKSHOP Workshop

How to become aware of your self-defeating patterns.


How to rewire your brain by consciously choosing what supports you.


These three modules offer you a COMPREHENSIVE BLUEPRINT on how to rewire your brain
so that your thoughts and feelings work for your rather than against you.


Dear Executives, Managers, Professionals, and Employees …

Do you want to live with less stress, be more productive and fulfilled?

And to do so in only 10 – 20 minutes per day?

No more wallowing in the past or the future.
No more hoping to change things around.
No more GIVING IN to what doesn’t serve you.

Today, You Can Set Your Life On A New Path.


The best part is …
When you get my “Rewire Your Brain Blueprint”
you could experience the following Great Results:


 Be confident that you can deal with your negative mental habits

 Create a daily practice that will serve you for the rest of your life


When I was at a retreat in 2003 I allowed my thoughts
and feeling to run away with me.

The consequences were painful.

Today, I still experience thought- and feeling-storms from time-to-time.

But I know I have the tools to deal with them.

And so can you because…


I Learned How:

 Our Brains Work;

 To Dissolve Painful Thoughts & Feelings


But none of this is possible until you start the journey towards rewiring your brain.
Do you want to rewire your brain for less stress and more fulfillment?
You CAN make a great start in the next 49 days!

Here is how:





How to get clear on your purpose, intent and goals.

I know something about getting derailed from your intentions and to get back on track again.

At a meditation retreat in 2003 my thoughts and feelings went haywire.

I thought my life was over.

However this experience became a path for me to help others to get to know their minds better
and to make friends with their thoughts and feelings (even the ones they don’t appreciate).

That’s why I became a Clinical Pastoral Therapist and Personal Growth Coach. 

To share what I have learned and experienced about the inner workings of the human mind.

Not only have I found my lifelong passion, but I am having fun teaching and guiding others
to their true intentions …

Because I didn’t let the experience of 2003 DEFINE me.

Over the years I came to see it as an opportunity rather than a calamity.

What is your story?

How do you wish to rewire your brain so that you can stay true to who you are?

It’s time for you to start the journey towards greater awareness.

But, first you need to get clear on what your true intentions and goals are.

The first module of the “Use Awareness To Rewire Your Brain Blueprint” will show
you how to:

  • discover your purpose;
  • tap into your true intent;
  • set clear goals to express this intent;
  • take daily or weekly steps to work towards them.

New To Intention & Goal-Setting? NO PROBLEM.

Don’t Know How To Work With Negative Thoughts & Feelings. NO PROBLEM.

My “Use Awareness To Rewire Your Brain Blueprint” covers all that.

You will get two detailed PDF Manuals and step-by-step Worksheets that cover
all you need to know to action module #1.


five more Instruction Manuals and Practice Sheets to get to:

  • know your thoughts, feelings and needs;
  • and to always return to your original and true intention and goals.

Module #2


How to become aware of self-defeating
patterns that take you away from your true intent

In this module you will learn a key skill to be able to rewire your brain.

This key is your ability to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings while at the same
time developing greater awareness so that they don’t overwhelm you.

In this module’s workshop you will find detailed instructions that will help you to attend
to your thoughts and feelings in a healthy way.

One of the most important skills to learn is to JUST SIT with your thoughts and feelings
while observing them.

  • Just sitting and observing your experience;
  • Staying with an anchor of attention (like the breath);
  • Sticking with this intention for the full length of sitting

Imagine being able to sit with strong thoughts and feelings without getting overwhelmed
by them. Watching them as though they are clouds against the sky of awareness.

The Next Most Important Skill is: BREATHING

So in this module’s workshop you will become aware of your breathing patterns and use them
to release excessive emotional energy so that you can think clearly again.

Often when we make decisions based on strong emotions those decisions do not serve us well.

Using our breath, we can clear our mind and make better decisions when we become stressed
and emotional.

It is also important to correct shallow and rapid breathing habits that fuel the fight/flight response.

The Third Component is STRETCHING.

Do you sometimes get stuck in a particular posture that locks you into a certain emotional
pattern like anger or fear?

Do you hold a lot of tension in your back and shoulders?

If you don’t release these physical tensions regularly they will become habitual and influence
both your mindset and emotions negatively.

This module will be delivered to you in the form of a PDF manual as well as Practice Sheets.
In it you will find detailed explanations on how to develop and practice the three skills mentioned above.

Once you learn them it will be as with riding a bicycle – you will never loose the skill completely again.

Therefore, you will be able to call upon them even if you didn’t practice or play with them for a while.

The ideal for you is to develop a regular and consistent practice session.

You will establish this over the seven weeks as you work on the blueprint.


Module #3


How to rewire your brain by choosing success rather than failure.

Imagine that you can develop a robust practice where you can have the resilience:

  • to be able to always return to your original intention despite setbacks & heartaches
  • to let go of automatic negative thoughts and feelings that take you away from your true intentions
  • to connect with that larger field of intention that we are all a part of

Two key skills that will enable you to do so are:

  • getting in touch with your true needs
  • examining your own beliefs and expectations

Often we get stuck in either neediness or denial of our own needs.

Therefore, we need to be able to know the difference and take the time to connect with
our own needs and find healthy ways to fulfill them.

You also need to make requests to others who can help you to fulfill your needs in a way that
respects them and allows them to be free to respond without compulsion.

You will get better at these skills as you practice and TEST them out.

It’s time for you to honor your purpose, intentions and needs as well as change your expectations
so that you don’t live with constant feelings of disappointment.

It’s time for you to learn how to use your awareness and choose to rewire your brain so that
it works for your rather than against you.


  • you surrender to your true intent;
  • you notice the thoughts, feelings and urges that pull you away from that intent;
  • you consistently return to your true intentions despite negative thoughts and feelings…

You will slowly, but surely transform your reality and experience of life.

You can start this journey now and over the next seven weeks build a foundation that will
last a lifetime.


Andries J, Cape Town, South Africa
Managing Director of a Training Company

“I’ve been under traditional psychological treatment for many years and didn’t derive much benefit from it. In contrast,
Roux gave me practical skills and tools which I use on a daily basis to not only cope with my anxiety, but to overcome
my limiting thoughts and be in control of my own happiness.”

Sonia S, Colorado, USA
Manager in Airline Industry

I was referred to Roux after I recently got laid off from my permanent job. I felt devastated, undervalued and without direction.
He helped me identify my fears for the future and helped me to take action steps towards overcoming them.

I see the following progress/ changes: I donʼt feel so overwhelmed anymore. A shift took place when I realized I can take charge
of my future. I feel that I now have the confidence and courage to move forward.  He also helped me define my life goal/ purpose
and pinned a specific time frame and date for this to be achieved. I strongly and without any hesitation recommend
Roux as an excellent life coach.

Michael R, California, USA
Professional Musician

When I started coaching with Roux my life felt stuck and stagnant. Within a few sessions I started to enjoy life more and I started
to make progress in my industry. Roux has a gentle way of holding up a mirror to you so that you can see what is required
of you to improve your life. Since I started coaching with him my life has improved after every session. His knowledge goes beyond
what you will find in traditional counselling rooms and he gives you tools to deal with the real world.


What’s The Value Of The



I believe the testimonials of my clients speak for themselves.

Clients have also reported that they:

  • Became more self-aware
  • Got to clarify their goals so that it was easier to work towards them
  • Felt empowered to take actions that moved them forward
  • Received practical skills and tools they can use on a daily basis
  • Made progress in their industry
  • Start to enjoy life more

You can have the same results!

I believe the long-term benefits of this program is worth thousands of dollars, because some
of the results my clients mention are actually priceless.

What price can you put on greater self-awareness or having more joy in life? It is priceless isn’t it?

Today you have an opportunity to take advantage of this One Time Offer.

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It’s $199 and TODAY, you can get it for a simple



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Roux is a Clinical Pastoral Therapist, Life Coach & Spiritual Teacher with over 20 years experience, based in Muizenberg, South Africa.
His academic qualifications include a Masters Degree in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) from the University of Stellenbosch.
Clinical pastoral education (CPE) is a method of training clergy through practical experience in hospitals, retirement villages
and mental health institutions. This involved 100 hours of supervision and many hours of practice while studying
the academic and theoretical underpinnings of the practice. 

Additional Training:

  • The Coach Certification Training Program of Master Coach University in San Deigo (USA)
  • Passed the New Insights Life Coach Training Program with includes 70 hours of Coaching Skills Training with distinction
  • Uncommon Knowledge Training Course: “How to Lift Depression Fast”
  • Human Gives College Online Course: “Understanding Anxiety – and managing without drugs”


The Cost of Inaction

Very often not taking action costs us in the long-run

What is the cost of not learning the skills mentioned above?

Don’t let that cost set in, rather make a small investment today.

Invest In “Use Awareness To Rewire Your Brain” TODAY.

If you aren’t happy with everything I share with you,
you have 30 days to get your money back.





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