About Me


Over the last 10 years, I have discovered that many business owners, CEO’s and professionals struggle to balance their career and personal lives and develop stress related illnesses as a result. Others find themselves in the midst of career or personal life transitions that can be extremely challenging to say the least. In these circumstances I help them to do two things that can turn things around within a short time:

(1) Upgrade their models of reality (beliefs) about themselves, their career/business and life itself.

(2) Upgrade their systems of living (daily habits) to bring about the transformation they need

Over the past two years I have worked with a wide range of clients both locally (South Africa) and abroad (mainly in the USA). Most of these clients were executives, professionals or managers from different industries.

They have reported the following results after I coached/counselled them:

+ increased self-confidence
+ higher degree of influence and negotiating skills
+ career advancement and promotions
+ more focused, efficient and productive at work
+ able to make better decisions
+ cope better with difficult transitions like divorce or career change
+ a deeper connection with themselves, loved-ones and colleagues
+ increase enjoyment of life – taking things less seriously

A major part of these results can be attributed to the Framework I introduce them to in the first session.

This Framework helps them to do two things:

(1) upgrade their models of reality (beliefs) about themselves, their career, relationships and life as a whole

(2) upgrade their systems for living (daily habits) to get the results they wish to achieve

The Framework also teaches a three step process which has been scientifically proven to rewire the brain to form new habits of thinking and doing.

This process also provides the means to process strong emotions and to choose you response rather than react.

I have used this Framework myself to make major changes in my life. It also helps me to be a continuous learner and I always pass these new ways of seeing and doing on to my clients.

Before I started my coaching and counselling practice I was a minister of religion for 20 years and served both the Dutch Reformed Church and the Unitarian Church in Cape Town.

I was fortunate to meet with a number of exceptional leaders during this time some of whom I still have contact with.

Formal Training:

Roux is a Specialist Pastoral Counsellor, Personal Development Coach & Spiritual Teacher with over 20 years experience, based in Muizenberg, South Africa. His academic qualifications include a Masters Degree in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) from the University of Stellenbosch. Clinical pastoral Education (CPE) is a method of training clergy through practical experience in hospitals, retirement villages and mental health institutions. This involved 100 hours of supervision and many hours of practice while studying the academic and theoretical underpinnings of the practice. Roux received his training at Tygerberg Hospital, George & Annie Starck Homes in Parow as well as Stikland Psychiatric Hospital. He is registered as a Specialist Pastoral Counsellor with the Council for Pastoral & Spiritual Counsellors

Additional Training:

  • the Coach Certification Training Program of Master Coach University in San Deigo (USA)
  • passed the New Insights Life Coach Training Program with includes 70 hours of Coaching Skills Training with distinction
  • Uncommon Knowledge Training Course: “How to Lift Depression Fast”
  • Human Gives College Online Course: “Understanding Anxiety – and managing without drugs”


I enjoy swimming, horse-riding, painting, drumming and writing in my spare time. I particularly like to spend time on the beautiful beaches in Muizenberg, Cape Town where I stay with my partner and her daughter. I also have two daughters of my own who lives in Somerset West.