Membership gives you 15 minute talk time with Roux to:

+ briefly talk you through a challenge

+ keep you to your own commitment to action

for twelve weeks Monday to Friday from 9 am – 10 pm

  • We all have an innate guiding system that can guide us towards our next step.

  • We all need someone from time to time to help us to get into touch with it again

What do I get for my 12 weeks membership?

  • First session of 30 minutes to set the stage

  • 60 fifteen minute sessions if you use them all before expiry

  • Accountability via Google Keep

  • Unlimited email access

  • Recording of the sessions (optional)

How does it work?

  • Your membership starts on the day your payment is received and expires 12 weeks from that date

  • After payment you will receive a welcome email that will point you to a booking page where you can book your sessions

  • We guarantee the availability of a spot however we cannot guarantee any specific timeslot. As far as timeslots are concerned it is first come first served

What happens during the first (30 minutes) session?

Together we discover:

  • the challenge your wish to work on in the next 12 weeks

  • the result you want, but don’t have and the results you have, but don’t want

  • where you wish to draw the line

  • the commitment(s) to actions you wish to make to move forward

What happens during the 15 minute sessions?

  • You will complete a short questionnaire (see below) before the session

  • During the first seven minutes we will focus on the answers you gave

  • During the last seven minutes we will focus on commitment to action

Four questions in the pre-session questionnaire

  • What is you biggest challenge right now?

  • What flashes of insight have your received about this challenge?

  • What actions did you take bring positive change?

  • What actions didn’t you take that keep you stuck?