I am a Clinical Pastoral Therapist & Personal Growth Coach

Over the last 10 years, I have discovered that many business owners and people in professional careers struggle to balance the pressures of their personal and professional lives and develop stress and anxiety as a result. . In this environment they often develop coping mechanisms that make the situation worse.and they wish there was a better way.

The good news is: There is a BETTER way.

Clients who worked with me report the following results.

They become:

  • more focused and efficient at work;
  • cope better with difficult feelings, such as anger, fear and sadness;
  • develop a deeper connection with themselves, loved-ones and colleagues;
  • start to enjoy their life again

All this can be attained through setting aside twenty minutes a day.

I have used the self-awareness and self-empowerment processes and techniques that I share with my clients myself.
I use it to deal with the many and varied pressures of life.

I have gone through various life challenges such as divorce, career changes and death of loved-ones myself.
Over the years I have found mindfulness to be a solid base from which one can develop the necessary self-awareness and self-empowerment that bring the results mentioned above.

I truly believe it to be the most efficient and effective way to find fulfillment in life, because it helps us to connect to that part of ourselves from which answers to our deepest life questions arise.

Therefore I developed step-by-step process to create that solid base from where you can:

  • be more focused and efficient;
  • cope better with strong feelings
  • and developing deeper connection with yourself, others and the world around you.

You do not need to become perfect at this, because perfection is not the aim.

The aim is to be more compassionate towards self and others.

The results mentioned above are the by-products of this process rather than the main aim.

My passion is to share it with others.

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