About Me

As a Clinical Pastoral Therapist & Life Coach I developed a solution-focused and holistic approach to help my clients become mentally & emotionally resilient in the face of life challenges, setbacks & losses.

I take you by the hand and lead you through my “Become A More Resilient You – Two Step Mental & Emotional Resilience Blueprint Program” to achieve this goal.

You will learn how to:

(1) develop a Robust Purpose that will endure despite setbacks and losses.

(2) cultivate a Resourceful Mental & Emotional State that supports your life purpose rather than detract from it.

You will have access to me one-on-one as well as training materials developed for this purpose. I also include bonus materials in my training.

Formal Training:

Roux is a Clinical Pastoral Therapist, Life Coach & Spiritual Teacher with over 20 years experienced, based in Muizenberg, South Africa. His academic qualifications include a Masters Degree in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) from the University of Stellenbosch. Clinical pastoral education (CPE) is a method of training clergy through practical experience in hospitals, retirement villages and mental health institutions. This involved 100 hours of supervision and many hours of practice while studying the academic and theoretical underpinnings of the practice. Roux received his training at Tygerberg Hospital, George & Annie Starck Homes in Parow as well as Stikland Psychiatric Hospital. He is register as a Clinical Pastoral Therapist with The Southern African Association of Pastoral Work.

Additional Training:

+ the Coach Certification Training Program of Master Coach University in San Deigo (USA)

+ passed the New Insights Life Coach Training Program with includes 70 hours of Coaching Skills Training with distinction.

+ Uncommon Knowledge Training Course: “How to Lift Depression Fast” 

+ Human Gives College Online Course: “Understanding Anxiety – and managing without drugs”


I enjoy swimming, horse-riding, painting, drumming and writing in my spare time. I particularly like to spend time on the beautiful beaches in Muizenberg, Cape Town where I stay with my partner and her daughter. I also have two daughters of my own who lives in Somerset West.